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During 2015 we established USH Pro Business Centre, an entrepreneurship department of the University "Spiru Haret" and „România de Mâine” Foundation. Our mission is to link more effectively the local and international business environment and academia and research.

   Our center offers a wide range of services for business such as technology transfer services, research, market studies, innovation, internationalization, matchmaking, event organization, undergraduate and postgraduate training, etc. For a breakdown of the services you can consult our website

   Our  centre has a partnership agreement with the private sector members of the Export Council and with a number of associative structures, organizing meetings both in plenary and working groups on various topics aimed at developing Romanian foreign trade. We also managing the clusters Bio Danubius, Bio Tech Prahova Valley, and Cermand, which are active in the sectors of bioeconomy, biotechnology and renewable energy.

   In addition to partnering with associative structures of the business environment and other organisations we have signed partnerships with Romanian exporting companies that are committed in providing entrepreneurial and business development.

    In this context, please consider us as a partner in directing some opportunities with business environment in your country, with promoting export offers and the internationalization of partner companies with the USH Pro Business Centre and university structures and with the developement of shared services specialized in innovation, research, training, information and promotion.

   Our Center has facilities for organizing events in the country, both at our headquarters and other offices in our network of universities from the major cities: Bucharest, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, Sibiu, Câmpulung, Ploiești.

   Our centre is a private entity that represents academic and entrepreneurial market and is active on the media through television (TVH) and its own radio (RADIO SEVEN).