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16+1 Think Tanks Academic Journal Cooperation was launched

Release Time: 2017-12-03 05:44:00   Author:The site editor   Source: Viona Lee   View Count:

Initiative for establishing a 16+1 academic journals network


Along with the gradual implementation of 16+1 cooperation, academic cooperation has become increasingly important. The establishment of a network for academic journals will form a significant step in expanding practical cooperation and people to people exchange under the 16+1 framework. Academic journals, which links research communication activities, also play an important role in cooperation between think tanks. Academic research activities are characterized by its long duration, diversified influences and high degree of recognition. Actively strengthening the construction of high-level academic journals, then assessing and promoting the academic development of 16+1 cooperation is a shared mission of the Chinese academic community and CEEC counterparts.


I. The necessity and favorable conditions for establishing a 16+1 academic journals network

In the Symposium of China-CEEC Think Tanks Workshop held in July 2016, Professor Vlad Alex Vernygora from Tallinn University of Technology proposed to strengthen cooperation between academic journals of China and CEE countries. At the same time, Vlad also joined hand with Senada Selo Sabic, editor of the Croatia International Relations Review, to launch two series of article collections from China and CEE scholars.

At present, the 16+1 Think Tanks Network has worked with academic journals of Estonia (the Baltic Journal of European Studies), Croatia (Croatian International Relations Review), Serbia (International Problems) and others to jointly recruit and publish research outputs. The effects of cooperation have been fairly good, not only enhancing the popularity of these journals in China and Central and Eastern Europe, but also accelerating the sharing of the research results.

At the China-CEEC Think Tanks Workshop at the end of June 2017, the 16+1 Think Tanks Network and representatives from CEEC think tanks discussed the possibility of setting up a network between Chinese and CEEC academic journals, and the proposal was actively and widely welcomed.


II. Method of operation

1. All the CEEC Journals could participate in the 16+1 academic journals network on a voluntary basis. There is no upper limit of numbers or any discriminatory policy for journals included in the network. An academic journals committee will be formed by the chief editor or major editors of the journals and well-known Chinese and CEE scholars to discuss how to promote the exchange and transformation of academic achievements.

2. We will establish a database of China-CEEC academic journals to share academic results. Academic achievements of both sides will be published timely, searched and used freely via this platform, enhancing the search and reference rate of the papers. The establishment of such a database will improve the level of mutual comprehension on national policies. The participated journals will be labeled with a logo of cooperation to promote the spread of research outputs in academic communities of both sides.

3. The Secretariat of the Academic Journal Network is located in the Secretariat 16+1 Think Tanks Network. The highest level European Research Journal in China Chinese Journal of European Studies will be the supporting institution of the Chinese sides.

4. The final goal of the 16 + 1 Academic Journal Network is to establish a platform for communication and cooperation between academic journals between China and CEE countries. The network will be evaluation-oriented, aiming at bringing up articles of higher quality to China and CEE journals.


III. What to do next

1. Initiate the preparatory work. Journals and magazines with wishes of cooperation are welcomed to register at the 16+1 Think Tanks Network

2. An Academic Committee will be selected from registered member on the basis of participant information and academic influence.

3. The establishment of the 16+1 Academic Journal Network will be announced at the Think Tank Conference in accordance with the China-CEEC Leader Summit to be held at Budapest this year.

4. At the end of 2017, we will together hold an evaluation of the academic papers. Each journal or magazine will automatically be granted with 3 to 5 quota to recommend academic articles, and from all the recommended articles the Academic Committee will select 10 out of them as the Annual Best Research Results of China-CEEC Studies (5 Annual Best Research Outcome and 5 Annual Best Policy Analysis).  The candidates will have the opportunity to be invited to the High-level Symposium of China-CEEC Think Tanks, as well as other important academic activities and think tank communications between China and CEE countries.