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The Institute of European Studies

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The Institute of European Studies (IES), originally known as the Institute of Western European Studies before March 1994, is one of the 39 research institutions at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).  Founded in May 1981, IES now consists of 7 research departments, namely Department of Economic Studies, Department of Political Studies, Department of EU Legal Studies, Department of Social & Cultural Studies, Department of International Relations Studies, Department of EU Science and Technology Policy Studies and Department of Central and East European Studies, along with the Editorial of Ouzhou Yanjiu (the Chinese Journal of European Studies), the Information and Documentation Centre and the Administration Office. 

The IES has built close academic relations with a number of think-tanks, universities, foundations and NGOs in Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific and some other regions. It also maintains close working relations with the EU Delegation and the European embassies to Beijing.