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Call for Papers - The 4th High-level Symposium of Think Tank

Release Time: 2017-07-17 14:33:18   Author:The site editor   Source: Viona Lee   View Count:

In December 2017, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Secretariat for Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries will hold the 4th High-level Symposium of Think Tanks of China and Central and Eastern European Countries in Beijing. This Symposium forms an important step in implementing the Riga Guideline and promoting the "16 + 1 cooperation". In the Guideline signed by the leaders of China and CEE countries in November 2016, it clearly proposed the holding of the 4th high-level Symposium of Think Tanks of China and CEE countries.


The Symposium will: (1) discuss how to follow up and implement the Budapest Guidelines signed by the 6th China-CEE Summit held in Budapest in November; (2) summarize the characteristics and achievements of "16 + 1 cooperation" in 2017; (3) strengthen communication and cooperation between think tanks of China and CEE countries; (4) offer advice and suggestions for further developments of China-CEEC relations in 2018.


Focusing on the above-mentioned issues, we now call for papers from scholars of think tanks of European countries. Once approved by peer review, the organizers will invite you to attend the symposium, and we will cover your international travel expenses as well as the food and accommodation in China (3 or 4 days).


Papers requirements: 3000-5000 words length in English, rigorous structured, clearly arranged and with strong arguments. Innovative and constructive subjects and contents are favored. Authors should only submit original work that has not been published before and is not under submission to any other venue. Talks in generalities lack of substance or argumentation will be rejected. Please inform us of the title of your paper before July 30, 2017, and we will give you pertinent feedback. Abstracts and outlines of papers are expected to be submitted by August 30, and the deadline for submitting full paper will be November 15. Then we will send invitations to participants depending on the circumstances and papers accepted will be published.


The Symposium welcomes papers on the following themes but not limited to:

(1) China's investment in Central and Eastern Europe;problems and challenges, investment case analysis and risk of investment;

(2) Legal obstacles and other risks of China's infrastructure investment in Europe;

(3) Attitudes of the EU and of mains countries of the EU (i.e. Germany) towards the “16+1 cooperation”.

Contact: Zhang Jingwen,


Telephone: 010-85196212