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Slovakia considers migration crisis, EU Presidency as top challenges in 2016

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BRATISLAVA, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Slovak Interior Ministry considers resolution of the migration crisis and Slovakia's 2016 EU Presidency to be the greatest challenges facing the country in next year, announced Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak on Sunday.

"What's crucial is to stop the migration flow. That's why even our police unit will serve at the Greek border, if such a decision is made," stressed Kalinak.

According to Kalinak, the Slovak EU Presidency will pose another significant challenge, as Slovakia in the role of a presiding state will lead talks on new European legislation and current political issues. The main task for Bratislava will lie in seeking compromises among member states regarding European policies.

"Defence and internal security issues will be quite delicate and of extreme importance. It's not about whether you represent Slovakia well or wind up humiliated by a flop; it's rather about tremendously important decisions that will be passed and this will really be quite difficult," concluded Kalinak.