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Hungarian TV2 ownership still in dispute

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he ownership of TV2, one of Hungary’s two leading national commercial broadcasters, does not appear to have been resolved.

BBJ reports that Magyar Broadcasting Co. Kft, a company owned by the Hungarian-American filmmaker Andrew Vajna, claims to have closed the deal to acquire TV2. It is in possession of the necessary permits and has submitted a request to the company court to register its ownership.

The company also claims, according to various reports, to have appointed Dirk Gerkens, the former CEO of TV’s main competitor RTL Klub, as TV2 group’s new CEO.

On the other hand, Gy?z? Óvári, the lawyer of Megapolis Media, which is owned by the media entrepreneur Károly Fonyó, claims that the latter is still the owner of TV 2 and that the matter will be resolved in the courts.

Fonyó is still fighting a decision by the Competition Authority last month to approve Vajna’s acquisition of TV 2.

As previously reported in Broadband TV News, TV2’s ownership has been in dispute since last October.