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Hungary seals border with Croatia

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BEIJING, Oct.18 (Xinhuanet) -- After Hungary closed its border with Croatia on Friday midnight, refugees and migrants trying to enter the EU have been diverted to Slovenia. UN officials called on Croatia and Slovenia to keep their borders open.

In response, both countries said they would not stop the flow of refugees, so long as Austria and Germany did not shut their doors. Around 2,700 refugees and migrants entered Slovenia from Croatia on Saturday. But the Slovenian Interior Minister Bostjan Sefic said that the country can only deal with around 2,500 people per day.

This route through Slovenia is not a well-trodden route. Last time I was in Croatia it was just after Hungary had sealed its border with Serbia. The migrants and refugees were re-routing through Croatia, and some were trying to go through Slovenia. But this Slovenia authorities very quickly to move to limit the number of people it was allowing to cross its border.

The Croatia authorities then started moving people directly from the Croatia-Serbia border to the Croatia-Hungry border and all of these conditions make of a much more difficult journey, much more miserable conditions for the many thousands of refugees and migrants who were still trying to get to northern Europe.