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Slovak police, army to patrol border with Hungary

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BRATISLAVA, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- Slovak police and army on Thursday carried out a joint exercise called 'Operation SOUTH' with prospects of the military joining police in actual protection of the border with Hungary vis-a-vis the migration crisis.

As part of the nationwide exercise, the 526-kilometre land part of the 655-kilometre southern border was densely patrolled for two hours by joint police and military units that were also receiving support from firefighters.

"I believe that we're able to protect Slovakia. It's very important for us, as various effects of illegal migration can still surprise us in the winter," announced Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday.

According to Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, after Slovakia joined the Schengen area in 2007, police hadn't expected that they would need so many personnel to patrol the country's borders.

The only outer Schengen border patrolled by Slovak police is the 98-kilometre long border with Ukraine. The 'Operation SOUTH' featured 129 police officers, 138 soldiers and 50 firefighters.