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VW Slovakia to built new assembly hall in Slovakia

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BRATISLAVA, Dec.15 (Xinhua) -- The foundation stone of a new hall where the Porsche Cayenne will be assembled was laid at the Volkswagen plant in the Slovak capital Bratislava on Tuesday.

"The 300-million-euro (330 million U.S. dollars) investment gives more fuel to the well-running engine of the Slovak economy, " Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced at a briefing.

"The construction of this assembly hall for SUV vehicles isn't the final project that Volkswagen wants to work on. We also expect big development of the subsupplier network for the car industry," he said.

According to Fico, car production represents about 45 percent of Slovakia's industrial output.

"There are 80,000 people directly working in the car industry, and this work positively affects a further 200,000. We've crossed the magic level of 1 million cars a year. We are the (world's) number one in production per capita," Fico said.

Volkswagen Slovakia, with more than 9,900 employees, is one of the largest employers, exporters and investors in the country. Its plant in Bratislava has produced more than 4 million vehicles since 1991. Enditem